Surprising-her makes you heroic - 'not' going together! Propose like a hero.

So picture the moment. You’re seriously slick. You’re down on one knee - you open the box, you nailed your lines – and you smoothly slip on one shiny ring she completely adores - it’s a perfect fit.

A YES in the bag, you’ve nailed it in one.

You’re a legend in your own mind, and rightly so. Few things can be as macho-manly as popping the QU and coming out looking like a hero.

She phones all her friends, you 'designed the ring', you asked her dad, you nailed the ring size, and you got that wildly expensive – (but not as expensive as you thought) Pinterest ring she’d dreamed about – all with the romance of a complete surprise proposal.

Iconic. You really are a hero!

But on the flip side, getting her to buy the ring with you is about as romantic as a root canal! Pick your battles.

Guys - like cavemen. You see something that sates your appetite, you kill (buy) it, and you get back to the cave as fast as possible.

It’s so feasible to do so with all the love and affection of an engagement ring crafted just for her – she’s one-in-a-million after-all.

But getting us women involved? Not only does it have the romance of a root canal, but we love to feel fabric, try on shoes with a dress, ask to see things in different colours. We’re going to be trying on every ring in London till we’re satisfied we’ve found the one!

Guys, we're experts, do the hero - our business is helping you. Make the right choice - she’ll love you for it. #BeEngaged.

LIV Diamonds

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