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How to Pick an Engagement Ring that fits Her Style PERFECTLY

January 16, 2018

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How Much Should You REALLY Spend on an Engagement Ring in 2018.

March 19, 2018



Whether you have £400 or £40,000 to spend, sussing out how much to allocate can be a stressful process. It’s great that your girlfriend likes to pore over the best celebrity engagement rings for inspiration, but dropping Range Rover cash on an engagement ring just isn’t a reality for most of us.


The love affair between women and the priciest arrangement of carbon atoms is one of them though. Diamonds are expensive. So what should you spend? Fear not guys, we’re here to help.


We’ve compiled as many different engagement ring spend conventions as we could, so both you and your friends will thank us when it’s time to bite the gold, platinum or silver bullet...!


Keep scrolling for our SIX guides and see what other guys are spending. 




Guide #1 Three month's salary.


According to an expert-fuelled report on, the purchaser should spend about three full months’ salary on the ring.


Rendering to this convention, a guy on the UK average salary of £28,000 should spend £7000.


This is a great marketers rule of thumb, but not always practical if you are, “trying to get on the property ladder” (we know London prices!) or concerned about job security - you’d be right to scale back a bit.



Guide #2 One month's salary.


You may have heard the widespread rule of thumb that you should spend around a months’ salary on the ring, you have diamond manufacturers De Beers to thank for this eighty-year-old marketing gem. Bowing to this, a guy on the City of London average salary of £48,000 should spend £4000 and a guy on the UK average salary would spend £2300.



Guide #3 Split the difference.