How to Pick an Engagement Ring that fits Her Style PERFECTLY

Between the technical , the brands, and the designs, choosing (the right) engagement ring can be more nerve-wracking than popping the question! But, you’ve found ‘the one’ – now you need to find the one perfect, shining ring she’ll adore forever.

Like every groom-to-be you fear getting it wrong – what if she doesn’t love it? On average it takes guys 3 months to buy an engagement ring with 4.8 months of research - that's a really long !

"86% of women think the ring’s overall design is most important."

(Not size guys – it's design that has her heart)

Alongside worrying about getting it wrong – you fear overspending, and you really fear being screwed over. But guys, getting the perfect ring doesn’t have to be a (diamond) minefield. Whether you're buying off the shelf, or getting it made bespoke - if you're not sure what's right for her don't panic, we’re specialists - we've got your fail-safe guides to cracking the 'Ring Code'. We’ll help you get the downlow on diamonds and get her the dream ring she'll adore.

Before you consider the diamond (and the cost) let’s choose her ring style. Don't panic it's not as hard as you think, first consider her personality. Ask yourself this; Is she introvert or extrovert? Would she prefer big and bling - or small and dainty?

On a scale of 'Introvert to Extrovert' 1 - 4 which phrase best describes your girlfriend’s style?

1. Understated and unfussy.

2. Contemporary and chic.

3. Classically pretty.

4. Girly and glam.

1. Understated and Unfussy - Think single diamond solitaire.

If she's understated and unfussy then simple solitaire designs are perfect for her. "Jewellery Introvert" gorgeous, single-stone styles and effortless bands will appeal to her love of simple, beautiful things. She still wants to rock the tube afterall! She may wear a single necklace or a simple watch and bracelet. She certainly won’t have any flamboyant frills or rouge ruffles in her wardrobe and she's not 'bling'.

Hints: Her minimal jewellery. A single watch, and simple bracelet - no stacks of necklaces or bracelets here. She loves to keep it simple. On nail polish, she'll stick to nudes or browns and keep things short. She's at liberty to choose to pair up or pair down the bling with her wedding band. Any wedding band style goes alongside this ring and her unfussy personality will appreciate your fore-thought in allowing her to make the choice.

2. Contemporary and Chic - Think platinum three stone rings.

Is she classy and sophisticated but more-glam than the simple solitaire? Then think platinum three stone rings. Star-of-the-show centre stones with side stones or a supporting cast or small diamonds down the band. She's comfortable wearing more than once piece of jewellery at a time - (necklaces and bracelet stacks) She appreciates luxury but isn't showy, think more Victoria Beckham style than 'Beverly Hills'. A sophisticated bag and lux blazer would be her dream go-to.

Hints: She's one classy woman. She oozes sophistication and won't be afraid to wear a big bangle or statement necklace. She commands attention and she'd appreciate more than a single diamond. When she wears sneakers, her effortlessly cool athletic style would sit perfectly along her clean and sleek 3 stone diamond ring. On nails, she'll venture from pinks to blacks but keep her shape classic round-oval (no squares)

3. Classically pretty? Think rose gold, and diamond set bands.

If your girl is classic and feminine, vintage-inspired designs in rose gold, with pretty nostalgic touches like twined diamond-set bands will have her heart. She'll definitely have pink pieces in her wardrobe and is really more 'Blake Lively' than Victoria Beckham. Proposing to her with a stunning and dainty rose gold ring would be her dream.

Hints: She loves pink. She wears gold or rose gold jewellery already. She'd pick gold over platinum anyday. She's bubbly, vivacious and generally into beautiful things. Floaty dresses and stunning skirts will be her Summer go to, and in Winter, she's more nudes than lots of black.

4. Girly and Glam - Unapologetically big rings will have her heart.

If she's girly and glam, unapologetically blinging rings with haloes of small diamonds - or one big central show-stopper will have her heart. She appreciates luxury and all-things beautiful (and expensive) and she's great in the spotlight. Certainly not shy and retiring, so she'll love the attention that comes with a stunningly bling diamond ring. Gravitas will definitely be on the bigger the better, rather than small and perfect.

Hints: She loves expensive things. She's great in the limelight and has a taste for luxury. She drools over fine handbags and nice cars. On restaurants - she's more Nobu than 'that new spot down Soho'.

So guys, once you've picked her ring-style there are a few final things to consider to ensure you get her dream ring (and set you as her diamond ring hero).

1. "Whatever her style, make sure to get a ring that's 'wedding band friendly".

Er, wedding band friendly? It means her future wedding band will sit perfectly flush alongside her engagement ring with no unsightly or uncomfortable gaps in between.

Bad Engineering. It's one of the major pitfalls retailers don't divulge. Some rings - big or small - are not made to accommodate the wedding band sitting alongside the engagement ring. Either going cheap on design - or keeping the diamond profile too low or too bulky.

Bear in mind, when it comes to day-to-day lifestyle or future children, she'll want to take off her engagement ring and wear only her wedding ring on occasion. A fitted wedding band (one that's made to bend around the engagement ring setting) looks odd on it's own, so she'll be fixed to wearing her rings as a set (not the most practical)

"She'll love that you've gone to the trouble to consider her wedding band with her engagement ring!"

She's now completely free to choose a diamond set beauty - or a platinum piece of her choice to go alongside her stunning ring.

2. Go bespoke (trust us on this.)

You now know her style-personality. You know you want wedding band friendly - now why not get that one shining ring she'll adore forever just perfect.

Is she practical - or hands on? Set ring set low on her finger.

Going bespoke means you can dictate to a jeweller you don't want a ring too high or catching on things.

You can specify details like "She'd love a 'bigger ring than i can afford', In which case he might suggest using millimetre larger small diamonds encasing a halo design for extra 'wow' factor at minimal extra cost.

3. You can dictate ring width...

If she's understated and unfussy, keep ring band width to a generic 2 millimetres wide.

If she's classically pretty in style? Ask for a thinner rather than standard band to keep things dainty. 0.2 millimetres makes a huge difference to the overall aesthetic.

4. It's easier...

Going bespoke and specifying your wants-and-needs is easier and more efficient than trawling through a thousand ring styles hoping to get the 'right' one. There's so much at stake! And if the thought of trawling through Tiffany or local high street makes you nauseous, it's completely understandable.

We at LIV know that creating her unique diamond engagement ring is the most efficient, cost-effective and rewarding experience.

If you'd like help on how to buy a bespoke diamond ring, or simply want to speak to our in-house diamond and wedding ring specialist Olivia, give us a call. It might be that you're not sure where to start, or have seen a specific design or style that has caught your eye? To book a private consultation with LIV at Hatton Garden, call 0207 404 4022 or email <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

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