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How to Pick an Engagement Ring that fits Her Style PERFECTLY

January 16, 2018

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How to Pick an Engagement Ring that fits Her Style PERFECTLY

January 16, 2018


Between the technical  , the brands, and the designs, choosing (the right) engagement ring can be more nerve-wracking than popping the question!  But, you’ve found ‘the one’ –  now you need to find the one perfect, shining ring she’ll adore forever.


Like every groom-to-be you fear getting it wrong – what if she doesn’t love it? On average it takes guys 3 months to buy an engagement ring with 4.8 months of research - that's a really long !



"86% of women think the ring’s overall design is most important."


(Not size guys – it's design that has her heart)


Alongside worrying about getting it wrong – you fear overspending, and you really fear being screwed over. But guys, getting the perfect ring doesn’t have to be a (diamond) minefield. Whether you're buying off the shelf, or getting it made bespoke - if you're not sure what's right for her don't panic, we’re specialists - we've got your fail-safe guides to cracking the 'Ring Code'. We’ll help you get the downlow on diamonds and get her the dream ring she'll adore.


Before you consider the diamond (and the cost) let’s choose her ring style. Don't panic it's not as hard as you think, first consider her personality. Ask yourself this; Is she introvert or extrovert? Would she prefer big and bling - or small and dainty?


On a scale of 'Introvert to Extrovert' 1 - 4 which phrase best describes your girlfriend’s style?


1. Understated and unfussy. 

2. Contemporary and chic.

3. Classically pretty. 

4. Girly and glam.



1. Understated and Unfussy - Think single diamond solitaire.