LIV was founded by Olivia Kuropatwa, a DGA-certified diamantaire, entrepreneur and fifth-generation diamond expert.


Liv ran a successful b2b diamond company as one of the industry’s few female diamond traders - as well as taking on high-end jewellery commissions. 


"I felt a real need to make a change." Research showed it takes guys 4 months to buy a ring, with 4.3 months of research - a shed load of ring styles, diamond jargon and brandy lingo to battle through. Notoriously, it is the hardest task a man faces... 


"We dug deep to strip out the cryptic chat, big brand domination, and inflated price tags to create real translatable steps one gets right" (Yes ladies) And so LIV was born, a real and approachable brand for a millennial market.

These days, when Liv's not helping guys nail the dream ring for their girl, she can be found racking up the air miles between London, Middle East and the States to track down the world's best diamonds.

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