What’s her ring personality?


So you’ve found ‘the one’ – now you need to find the one perfect, shining ring she’ll adore forever. Don’t panic: we’ve got your failsafe guide to cracking the code. Let us break it down for you.

If your girl is... x look for styles... y.

Round solitaire engagement ring, Pear shap engagement ring, bespoke, platinum,
Emerald cut engagement ring, oval cut 3 stone engagement ring
Rose gold engagement ring, oval cut rose gold engagement ring
Double halo cushion cut engagemen ing, round brillant cut diamond engagement ring, bespoke

Let's talk diamonds.

Once your square on ring styles, get the down-low on diamonds.

Diamonds decoded

Choose the ring style. Use our rings decoded page to give you an idea..

Decide what you want; use our diamonds decoded to help you. 

After step 1 + 2, you can work out what you can afford. 

We get the ring made, then you - propose.

I do's done right.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with us. 

The process

Diamonds Decoded

Rings Decoded



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